Optical Sights with Reticle Illumination (POSP)

Sector: Optical Instruments
Price: Contract Price
Full Product Information:
Optical Sights are intended for conducting of shotgun aimed fire, as well as for nature objects observation. Due to waterproofness and anticorrosion property the Sights are serviceable even in the rain and other extreme conditions. Reticle illumination allows to carry out aiming in the twilight. The Sights are equipped with distance measuring reticles which allow to perform a rough estimation of a distance to the object. There is a possibility to set the angles of sight depending on a distance to the target and lateral corrections (for a wind, target movement). They are efficient within the temperature range of ± 50°C. The Sights are tight, filled with nitrogen which prevents weeping of optical parts at temperature difference. Spare Parts and Accessories (are being completed at will of the Customer): The light filter serves for improvement of visibility and contrast of the object being observed under conditions of insufficient visibility (haze, fog etc.). Illumination system provides for operation of the reticle illumination at temperatures below -10°C (nonworking temperature for power sources). A blend serves for protection of an eye of the observer against exposure of solar beams with small tilts (less than an angular field of vision of the Sight).

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