Sector: Optical Instruments
Price: Contract Price
Full Product Information:
PК-01V Collimator Sight is designated for targeting of automatic small arms during shooting under any illumination conditions at day time , in the twilight, at night with application of the night vision devices (NV/G-14 Night Vision Goggles). The Sight is being produced with two types of aiming mark: in the form of a «dot» and in the form of «Т». It is being mounted on AK Submachine Guns of all modifications and other automatic small arms, they have a seat – a guide strip of «Dovetail» type.

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Supercompact and extra light, developed for commandoes and other mobile divisions.
Barrel inserts are intended for installation on the Bore Sight Collimators.
PО 4х24P is designated for targeting of automatic small arms at aimed fire at day time and in the twilight with reticle illumination.