Fabrics for elegant men's and women's suits, including innovative fabrics of the Super 120s range - 140s

Sector: Woolen & Half-woolen Fabrics
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Woolen costume fabrics possess good plasticity and shape stability, they are comfortable, convenient to use, they combine the natural comfort of natural wool fiber, elasticity and elasticity of the synthetic thread, which eliminates the costumes from stretching. The most durable and resistant to deformations and creases material for making men's suits of classic cut is, undoubtedly, woolen fabric. Men's suits made of such fabrics, light, almost do not crumple, perfectly smooth, able to quickly restore the original shape, in the cold season they are warm, and in the summer it's not hot. To sew a classic men's suit more often used fabrics Super100-120s. They succumb to any cut, perfectly withstand wet-heat treatment, without sitting down, and do not shrink under the hot iron.

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