Fertilizer mixture

Sector: Fertilizers
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 3 000 т
Packaging: Special soft containers of “big-bag” type, weight 500 kg.
Terms of Delivery: FCA, CPT, DAP
Full Product Information:
Fertilizer mixtures are dry granulated mineral fertilizers containing the most important elements for plant nutrition in the available form: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The process of mechanical mixing of two and more compatible types of mineral fertilizers allows to regulate the proportion of N, P, K in the composition of fertilizer mixtures at the request of the customer. Ammoniated superphosphate, ammophos, potassium chloride and carbamide are used as the main components for dry fertilizer mixing, the additives of macro- and microelements (MgO, Na2O, B, Zn, etc) can be additionally applied in the composition of fertilizer mixtures as well. Arranging the composition of fertilizer mixtures, it is possible to choose the optimum variant for any regions and crops. As the selection of fertilizer mixtures is made on the basis of soil tests, fertilizer mixtures are considered as the most economically advantageous mineral fertilizers allowing to apply as much phosphorus, nitrogen or potassium in the soil as it is essential for getting the good harvest of the definite crop on the definite field. Therefore, the application of fertilizer mixtures is an individual approach to any type of soil and any agricultural crop that affects favourably the quality of plants and harvest as a whole. The price is negotiable and is formed monthly, based on the price quotations for mineral fertilizers on each specific destination market.

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