Sector: Chemical Raw Materials
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 950 kg
Packaging: Disposable plastic big bags as МКР-1,0 or МКР-1,0М; 4-6-layer paper bags.
Terms of Delivery: FCA, CPT, DAP
Full Product Information:
Artificial cryolite of technical grade 3NаF.AlF3 or Na3AlF6 represents double salt of sodium fluoride and aluminum fluoride. Cryolite occurs in nature and is artificially derived. Natural cryolite has rather limited use, and aluminum industry uses generally artificial one. There are three grades of artificial cryolite: • КАэ used for electron-tube glass manufacture; • КА (of higher and first grades) used in aluminum industry, for manufacture of enamels and for other purposes; • КП used for manufacture of glass, abrasives and for other purposes. Identified application: • manufacture of glass, ceramics, abrasives and for other purposes. The price is negotiable and is formed monthly, based on the price quotations on each specific destination market.

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