PVAD (polivinlatsetatnaya dispersion)

Sector: Industrial Adhesives
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: от 600 кг.
Packaging: Bucket
Terms of Delivery: FCA Lida
Full Product Information:
Type: homopolymer grubodispersnaya.V depending on the composition and appointment of the dispersion produced the following brands: - Non-plasticized - D51S; D51V; D50N - Plasticized - DF51 / 10C; DF51 / 10SL; DF 51 / 15C; DF 51 / 15V; DF 51 / 15VP; DF 47 / 50V, DB 50 / 5H. Applications: used as an adhesive in the production of bookbinding-broshyurochnyh works in the manufacture of a variety of leather goods, for bonding cladding metal and facade tiles, as sizing additives for finishing fabrics in the manufacture of starching agents in household goods, as a binder for the Polymer- , polymer concrete and screed surfaces, as adhesive for paper, cardboard, wood, plywood, cotton fabrics, in the production of packaging made of paper and cardboard, as a binder in waterborne paints. Properties: creamy liquid of white or slightly yellowish color, no lumps. Allowed surface film. Storage: Keep in a tightly closed container at a temperature not below 5 ° C. Unplasticised dispersion stand 4 cycles of "freeze-thaw". The dispersion of fire and explosion! Before application, if the bundle thoroughly mixed. If the storage is formed on the surface of the film, it must be removed before use. The frozen dispersion is not plasticized thawed in a warm room or in the container is heated to a temperature above 80 ° C without the use of an open flame and then thoroughly mixed. The surfaces for bonding should be clean and dry, aligning the edge pressed. PVA dispersion put a thin layer on one surface and bonded, join the other combining the edge pressed. Precautions: work associated with the use of large amounts of dispersion are carried out in ventilated areas. Works related to direct contact with the dispersion, held in rubber gloves. When working with a lot of dispersion and without direct contact with it, additional precautions do not apply. Guaranteed shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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