Primer EP-045

Sector: Primers
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: От 600 кг.
Packaging: Tin
Terms of Delivery: FCA Lida
Full Product Information:
Type: Two-component epoxy primer EP-045, EP-045 K consists of a semi-finished product and hardener E-45. Precooked slurry primers are pigments and fillers in a solution of an epoxy resin with the addition of specific additives and solvents. Benefits: Primer EP-045, due to the content in the mixture of anticorrosive pigments effectively protects the products against corrosion. Primer EP-045 K combines the properties of the rust converter and anti-corrosion coatings. Primers have excellent adhesion to metal and high hardness. Coating Primer EP-045, EP-045 It dries quickly to form a uniform, smooth, without foreign inclusions surface. Surface preparation. Surface preparation for painting primer products is carried out in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations on product or GOST 9.402 STB ISO 12944-4. Since the metallic surface must be removed oil, grease, marking paint, dirt and other substances such as mineral pollution, water soluble salts that affect the quality of surface preparation. It is necessary to remove the notches, burrs, weld spatter, sharp edges, corners, battlements and welds. Then, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned of rust, scale and other impurities, freed of dust, degreased and dry. The most thoroughly be cleaned surface zone of welds of up to 3 cm from the flux residues, and dross alkaline oxides formed during welding. In order to improve the protective properties of the surface it is recommended to clean the sand or grit blasting to purity oxides from 1 - 2 according to GOST 9.402. Application: The primer is applied by pneumatic, electrostatic, airless spray. Allowed to apply primer by brush or roller. Before use, semi-finished primer mix thoroughly, enter the hardener E-45 in the ratio: 100 mh semi-finished primer - 14 mh hardener, mix again and let stand 15 - 30 minutes and diluted with solvent R-5A and F-5.... depending on the application method in an amount of 5 - 30% by weight of the primer. Allowed to use the solvent R-4 (GOST 7827). Brush primer can also be applied to the initial viscosity. When applying the primer EP-045 electrostatic spray primer diluted with ER-4B solvent (GOST 18187) in an amount of not more than 30%. The primer is applied and dried at a temperature not lower than 10 ° C and a relative humidity of 80% in one - two layers. Drying Time-coat primer thickness of 30 - 40 microns - is not more than 6 hours at a temperature (20 ± 2) ° C. Allowed primer-coat drying at elevated temperatures at the temperature (80 ± 2) ° C for 40 min; at a temperature (60 ± 2) ° C for 60 min. The recommended thickness of the dried coating monolayer - not less than 40 microns, or blast peening the coating thickness must be increased to account for the degree of surface roughness Ra (GOST 2789). Increasing the thickness of the coating can improve barrier properties. If after applying the primer has been more than 24 hours, apply the top coat is necessary only after prior sanding primed surfaces. Consumption per primer layer coating thickness of 40 microns is 120 - 130 g / m? without taking into account the complexity of the painted surface, application method, staff development and other factors. The viability of semi-finished primer and hardener E-45 - at least 8 hours at a temperature of (20 ± 2) ° C if stored in a tightly closed container. Precautions: When carrying out painting works, as well as after their closure should be thoroughly aired. To protect your hands to use rubber gloves. Storage: Store cake mix primer in a tightly closed container, protected from moisture and direct sunlight. Keep away from fire!

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