Varnish NC-243 (Furniture) matte

Sector: Paints a & Lacquers
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: От 600 кг.
Packaging: Tin
Terms of Delivery: FCA Lida
Full Product Information:
Type: Varnish NC-243 is a solution of collodion lacquer, resin and plasticizer in a mixture of volatile organic solvents. Surface preparation: The surface to be coated must be dried, sanded, sanding dust must be carefully removed. Coating application: Before applying the varnish thoroughly mixed, if necessary, filtered through a nylon mesh. To adjust the viscosity of the diluent used RML, brand 646 solvent (GOST 18188). Varnish applied paint sprayer, bulk, swab or brush a thin, even layer, without sagging at the ambient temperature, the paint material and the surface is not lower than 15 ° C, relative humidity (65 ± 5)%. Wood moisture should not exceed 10%. When applied in several layers of lacquer (three - four layers) after each drying lacquer layer is given 1 hour at a temperature (20 ± 2) ° C. The last layer is dried for 24 hours lacquer consumption per single-layer coating. - 85 - 105 g / m ?. Precautions: painting work carried out in a ventilated area, to protect the skin of hands to use rubber gloves. Transportation to GOST 9980.5. Storage conditions: in accordance with GOST 9980.5. Lac stored in a dry unheated room. Keep away from heat, direct sunlight and moisture.

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