Enamel PF-133

Sector: Paints a & Lacquers
Price: 2.56 BYN
Minimum Order: От 600 кг.
Packaging: Tin
Terms of Delivery: FCA Lida
Full Product Information:
Type: Enamel PF-133 is a suspension of pigments and fillers in alkyd varnish with the addition of solvents and special additives desiccant. Benefits: - Enamel coating forms a flat, smooth surface provides a glossy surface; flexible, has a good decorative properties; - One-component enamel, storage stable, have excellent paint properties, which is convenient to use; - Enamel is ideal for painting wooden surfaces do not require high performance: residential and municipal buildings and wooden fences and metal surfaces (fences, railings, fences, etc.). Surface preparation: Wooden surface before applying the enamel must be cleaned of tar, dried, sanded and de-dusted. To improve the protective and decorative properties, as well as reducing the consumption of enamel unpainted surface is recommended pre-primed with GF-021, GF-021 "L". With the previously painted surface must remove various impurities, completely remove loose coating, the surface is sanded and de-dusted. Metal surface before applying the enamel must be thoroughly cleaned from dust, rust, scale and other impurities (must be removed incision burrs, weld spatter, sharp edges, corners, battlements and welds; on the surface must be free of grease, marking paint and other substances such as mineral pollution, water-soluble salts that affect the quality of surface preparation), sanded, degreased, allowed to dry and primed primers GF-021 and GF-021 "L", or GF-0119 or GP-0119 "L". Previously painted surfaces must be cleaned of dust, grease, grind, degrease, dry and make a test staining. In case of blistering or peeling old paint must be removed. To avoid moisture condensation substrate temperature should be above the dew point temperature of not less than 3 ° C. 1 in an amount of: -: Coating in a ratio of 1 S4-150 / 200 (TU RB 100006485.147), mineral spirits (GOST 3134) or a mixture of these solvents with solvent (TU 38.101809) Before applying the enamel thoroughly mixed, if necessary, diluted nephras more than 30% by weight of the enamel. When applied by spraying in an electrical field is applied thinner ER-4B or ER-3B. The enamel is applied in 1 - 2 bed brush, roller or by dipping or by spraying (air, airless and in an electric field). The thickness of the dried coating monolayer - not less than 20 microns. When applied by pneumatic spray enamel was diluted with a solvent in an amount not exceeding 30% by weight of the enamel, and on application, brush or roller - in an amount of not more than 5% by weight of the enamel. Enamel can be applied by brush to the original viscosity. Drying time single-layer coating - no more than 30 hours at a temperature (20 ± 2) ° C and not more than 2 hours at a temperature (82 ± 2) ° C and a relative humidity of 80%. At lower temperatures and high relative humidity of the drying time increases. A subsequent layer of enamel must be applied after drying the previous layer. After staining should avoid strong mechanical stress for 7 days. Theoretical rate for single-layer coating is 120 - 180 g / m2 without considering the complexity of the painted surface, application method, the color of enamel, staff development and other factors.

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