Enamel HV-16

Sector: Paints a & Lacquers
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: От 600 кг.
Packaging: Tin
Terms of Delivery: FCA Lida
Full Product Information:
Type: Enamel XB-XB-16 and P 16 represent a suspension of pigments in solution and filler perchlorvinyl glyptal resin and a mixture of volatile organic solvents with the addition of plasticizers. Advantages: Enamel XB-16 and XB-16, F - quick-dry at room temperature. enamel coating has a high decorative and protective properties when used in atmospheric conditions and indoors. Have high water and weather resistance. Surface preparation: metal surface before applying the enamel must be primed with type GF overhead, FL, XB, XC or EP. surface preparation, coating and drying the priming is carried out in accordance with the technical regulations for a particular type or primers in accordance with the technical regulations and the product, GOST 9.402. Previously painted surfaces are cleaned from fragile layers of old flooring, peel off the old paint is removed, the entire surface is cleaned mechanically, degreased and dried. If unknown type of old paint, it should be checked for compatibility (it is recommended to control staining of small surface area). In case of blistering or peeling of the coating must be removed. To avoid moisture condensation substrate temperature should be above the dew point temperature of not less than 3 ° C. Wood surfaces must be cleaned of tar, dried, sanded to remove lint and remove dust. With the previously painted surface must remove various impurities, completely remove loose coating, sanding and de-dusted surface. Concrete and reinforced concrete surfaces must be clean, dry, sound, free from cracks, loose sections, dust and dirt. If necessary, concrete and reinforced concrete surface is cleaned by dry method (brush) and dedusted. Do not be painted during precipitation, as well as on wet and icy surfaces. Application: mixed before application of enamel, optionally diluted with solvent P-5, P 5A or P-4 (GOST 7827) in an amount of not more than 20% by weight of the enamel, filtered and applied by air spraying, with a brush or roller. The user makes the selection work independently of viscosity depending on the operating conditions (the ambient temperature in the room, the nozzle diameter of the spray gun, compressed air, etc. and operating pressure). If stored at low temperatures prior to application of the enamel incubated in a warm room (to avoid condensation on the painted surface staining). Enamel is applied in two - four layers with interlayer by drying for 1 hour at a temperature (20 ± 2) ° C and a final drying for 1.5 hours at a temperature (20 ± 2) ° C or for 2 hours at a temperature of (75 ± 2) ° C. Prior to the commissioning of a colored product is recommended to maintain at least 7 days. The thickness of the dried coating monolayer - not less than 20 microns. Consumption of enamels on a single layer coating is 120 - 160 g / m excluding the complexity of the painted surface, surface preparation, application method, the color of enamel, staff development and other factors. covering life: life of the coating, consisting of a single layer of primer GF-0119, and two layers of enamel applied to the prepared metal surface, under UHL1 - at least 5 years. The service life of the coating, consisting of one layer of primer VL-02, two layers of primer FL-03K and four layers of enamel applied to the prepared surface in a T1 - at least 3 years. The coating retains its protective and decorative properties in compliance with technical regulations requirements for the coating and drying operation at T1 and UHL1 climate. Storage: Enamels should be stored in tightly closed containers, protected from moisture and direct sunlight. Keep away from fire. Safety Precautions: Persons related to the paint work must be provided with personal protective equipment (overalls, safety glasses, rubber gloves). In carrying out painting works and after their completion to ventilate the room. The dried coating has no toxic effects on the environment and the human body.

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