Basalt fiber and materials on their basis

Sector: Heat Insulation Materials
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: Fabrics, meshes - 1 roll; yarns - 1 box (130 kg); fiber - 1 bag/big-bag (20 kg/650 kg)
Packaging: Fabrics,meshes - rolls on palletes;fiber- polyethylene bags or big-bags; yarns - cartoon boxes.
Terms of Delivery: FCA-Polotsk, DAP
Full Product Information:
Basalt is a natural material that possesses high strength, is resistant to corrosive environment. Products made of basalt have long shelf life. Basalt roving has high natural strength, resistance to corrosive environment, long operation life and perfect electric insulation properties. It is used in various areas, including basalt fabrics production; manufacture of geotextile meshes and webs that serve for reinforcement of asphalt covering; fabrication of automotive composite materials; making of pipes for oil and gas industry as well as for flue-pipe chemical industry; manufacture of basalt plastics and basalt plastic fittings; production of needle felts for thermal and sound insulation, etc. Chopped Basalt Fiber It is used as reinforcing additive for fibrous concrete and for composite materials fabrication. Basalt Yarn Basalt yarn is used for the production of basalt fabrics, tapes and cords. Basalt Fabric is a superb insulating and reinforcing filtering material. It is used as thermal insulation for welding; thermal insulation of industrial equipment, furnaces and pipelines; it serves as a covering of thermal insulation felts; production of composite materials; filters to refine end gases from dust at metallurgical works. There is a possibility to make basalt thermal insulation (needle felts). The main difference between basalt and E-glass thermal insulation lies in higher heat resistance of the material which can be used up 700ºC thus the range of usability is greatly expanded. The price for the goods made by JSC "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" is formed based on the current market condition and on the planned prime cost, taxes and non-tax fees. The Company sets its prices depending on the contract terms and based on the sales volumes and terms of payment and delivery.

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