Conveyors for manure removal TSN-3B; TSN-160A

Sector: Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: Without package.
Full Product Information:
Technical characteristics TSN-3B ТСН-160А Type of conveyor Stationary scraper, chain Working body Plate chain Circular chain 14х80 (calibrated) Productivity per hour of clean time, t 4.0 Chain length: - horizontal conveyor, m 160 +/- 1.6 - inclined conveyor, m 13 +/- 0,13 Mass: - horizontal conveyor, kg 1532 - Inclined conveyor, kg 553 Installed capacity of conveyors: - horizontal conveyor, kW 4.0 - inclined conveyor, kW 1.5 Chain speed: - horizontal conveyor, ms 19 +/- 0.02 - inclined conveyor, ms 0.73 +/- 0.2.

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