Grain-drying complex KZK-30, KZK-40

Sector: Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: Without package.
Full Product Information:
Grain cleaning and drying complexes "KZK", with grain mill dryer, intended for post-harvest treatment, cleaning and drying of grain and seeds of cereals, legumes, oilseeds, and cereals with an initial humidity of up to 45% and weediness of up to 10%, including straw Impurities (long no more than 50 mm) - up to 21%. The complexes are designed for operation with a capacity of 30, 40 t / h for raw wheat grain with a decrease in humidity from 20% to 14%. The type of climatic performance is a moderate, cold climate in the open air. The working capacity is ensured in the temperature range from minus 10 ° С to plus 40 ° С.

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Engine type - Lombardini LDW2204 (49,8 h.p.), 4 cylinders, diesel.
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