Slope angle sensor DUN 02

Sector: Sensors
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 piece
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Full Product Information:
Scope of application: Guidance, orientation, and positioning systems. Technical specifications: Parameter name: Norm; Number of sensitivity axes: 2; Measuring range of tilt angles, deg: - 45...+45; Absolute conversion error; angle of inclination in the operating temperature range, deg, not more than 0.5; Operating temperature range, °C: -40...+85; Supply voltage, V: 12±2; Current consumption, A,: not more than 0.04; Overall dimensions, mm: 49x31x18; Weight, g: not more than 100; Output Interface type: Digital Rs485; Output interface speed, bit/s: 19200. The sensor is resistant to single-action mechanical shocks with a peak acceleration of 100g and a duration of 0.5-30 m/s. The sensor remains operational when exposed to high humidity of 100% at 30 °C. Description: The tilt angle sensor includes a two-axis accelerometric sensor, a temperature sensor, and a digital information processing unit. The sensor is characterized by high impact and vibration resistance, dust and moisture protection.

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