PET preforms

Sector: Plastic Packaging
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 короб
Packaging: Boxes: PCO 32 gr. - 7920 pieces, PCO 39,9 gr. - 6175 pieces., PCO 48 gr. - 5712 pieces, BERICAP 27 gr. - 9120 pieces.
Terms of Delivery: FCA, DAP, DDP
Full Product Information:
PET preforms are manufactured of the following types: PCO 32,0±1,0; PCO 39,9±1,0; PCO 48,0±1,0; BERICAP 27,0±1,0. Preforms can be produced undyed and dyed depending on the dye color. Price: is formed in accordance with the situation in the markets of CIS, Europe, Asia. The enterprise takes into account the prices of competitors and other pricing factors such as the scope of supply, terms of payment, cost of delivery, customs duties, etc.

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