Polyethylene terephthalate strapping band

Sector: Plastic Packaging
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 bobbin (1,2 ths. m - 2,4 ths. m)
Packaging: Bobbins (1,2 ths. m - 2,4 ths. m)
Terms of Delivery: FCA, DAP, DDP
Full Product Information:
The band is produced in bobbins reeled on cylindrical spools. PET strapping band of high tenacity is used all over the world for packing and transporting various goods: timber and shaped timber (board, beam, plywood, particle board), bricks, fire resistant rolled metal products, household appliances, fastening of goods on pallets, etc. Using of PET strapping band for strapping of heat traces insulation is a great challenge. Price: is formed in accordance with the situation in the markets of CIS, Europe, Asia. The enterprise takes into account the prices of competitors and other pricing factors such as the scope of supply, terms of payment, cost of delivery, customs duties, etc.

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