Clamping jaws for lathe and turning machines

Sector: Machine tools components
Price: from 31560 to 36250 RUR
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: FCA, DAP, CPT
Full Product Information:
Clamping jaws mod. KZ-170 are designed for installation on turning and boring machines in 1531, 1531M, 1541. On the jaws can be played many instrumental processing while using the movement of several tools that greatly facilitates the work and increases productivity. This design allows you to handle massive product with high accuracy. The jaws can be hardened or non-hardened. Hardened jaws are used to mount workpieces with rough surfaces. Untempered jaws provide highly accurate installation, as the jaws themselves before processing kit of parts directly machined, while the workpiece using the previously treated surfaces. Clamping jaws mod. KZ-200 are designed for installation on turning and boring machines in 1525, 1532.

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