gingerbread, cookies

Sector: Confectionery
Price: 1.7 USD
Full Product Information:
Our products are manufactured on modern equipment. All formulations and technology provided by our Western partners and correspond to GOST standards. Branded products our company is a custard cakes with natural fruit fillings to glaze. We differ from other manufacturers of confectionery products for their quality, originality and with all this we have not reduced its costs, putting a huge number of improvers and enzymes, and saved for our buyers the good old tradition of confectionery. Our main priority is the quality and naturalness of our products at a competitive price, given the fact that similar products in Europe is much more expensive. The brand of our company is the carrot custard with natural fruit filling, and the company produces a huge range of sugar cookies, butter cookies and biscuits with creams (the latter is the newest of our development).

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Produced at the company oatmeal cookies, oat and fruit with fructose implementation period of 6 months
Spritz biscuits made of prime grade wheat flour with sugar powder, margarine, vanilline and other raw material. Sell by date – 45 days
Gingerbreads from wheat flour 1sorta with the addition of condensed milk, flavoring "Mint" and other raw materials. Glazed surface. implementation period of 90 days