Passenger bus Unix-3561

Sector: Special Transportation
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: EXW, DAP
Full Product Information:
Engine Injection, the volume of 2890 cm3. Engine power: 106 hp Euro 4. Rear drive. Wheel formula 4x2. All-metal car bodywork. Body color - white. ABS, EOBD system. Power Steering. Audio preparation. Anticorrosive treatment of the bottom and wheel arches of the car. Plastic wheel arch protection. Components of the car body for the transport of persons with disabilities: - Lifting device for a wheelchair; - Mount for carriage in the passenger cabin; - Rear wing doors with glazing; - Side sliding door with sliding window; plastic protection of wheel arches; - 2 seats for passengers in the driver's cab; - car interior thermally insulated; - flooring - "autoline"; - partition with decorative upholstery between driver's cab and interior with viewing window; - presence of handrails; - Lifting device ensuring a smooth raising and lowering of a wheelchair with a passenger, for loading and unloading this chair in (from) the car salon (s).

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