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Transformer substations for power supply of users in agricultural sector and at various small-scale facilities

Sector: Electric distribution and regulating equipment
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Full Product Information:
One-transformer terminal-type outdoor substations designed to receive 6 (10) kV a.c. energy, to transform it into 0.4 (0.23) kV to supply power users in temperate climatic regions ( - 45 oC to + 40 o C). Substations are intended for supply/protection of energy users of agricultural sector (including farming enterprises, horticultural household plots, etc.), as well as of separate populated localities and smallscale facilities – those users belonging to III category as to power supply reliability degree. Substation HV lead-in is overhead type. Substation is connected to power transmission line through a disconnector (included in delivery set) which is mounted on the line adjacent pole. Substations are provided with active energy metering function. As per customer option, any desirable modification meter may be included. Substation is fitted with exterior lighting feeder with manual/automatic control. As per customer option, exterior lighting feeder may be excluded. Substation is provided with protection systems as follows: - against lightning overvoltage; - against phase-to-phase short-circuit; - against 0.4 kV lines overloads and faults; - against lighting or heating circuits faults. Substations are provided with electrical and mechanical lockings ensuring safety of attending personnel. Substations: - are environmentally friendly; - are of structural design allowing prompt erection and start-up on worksite, as well as easy dismantling in the event of relocation. - are fitted with rubber packing on doors; - are easy-on-the-eyes; - are furnished with ÒÌÃ-series advanced hermetically-sealed transformers of the Plant own produce.

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