Passenger bus UNIRIT-3701

Sector: Special Transportation
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: EXW, DAP
Full Product Information:
Body - L3H2 L3H3 L4H2 L4H3. Specifications: 6-speed manual transmission. Rear drive. Particle filter engine. Dimensions. Wheelbase, mm 4325. Length, mm 6940 7340. Width, mm 2426. Height, mm 2705 2940 2705 2940. Volume of load compartment, m3 14 15.5 15.5 17. Carrying capacity, kg 717-2553 690-2506 637-2486 609-2458. Gross weight, kg 3500-5000. Engines Engine 2.0 TDI® (80 kW) 2.0 TDI® (100 kW) 2.0 biTDI® (105 kW) 2.0 biTDI® (120 kW). Mixture / Injection Method Common-Rail / Direct Injection. Number of cylinders 4. Working volume, cm3 1,968. Maximum power, kW at rpm 80 at 3500 100 at 3500 105 at 3500 120 at 3600. Vehicle Equipment: Floristic design of the body "Ritual services". Thermal noise isolation of salon. Passenger compartment light. Partition between the driver and the cabin with a window leaf factory metal. interior Finishing. Floor coating: Autoline (color: black, gray). Aluminum thresholds along the perimeter of the cabin with waterproofing of seams. Glazing of the salon around the perimeter tinted / transparent. Interior lighting. Rear exterior light above the rear swing doors to illuminate the adjacent territory. Outdoor side door lighting. The heater of salon, working from engine cooling system. Comfortable seating for accompanying persons. Stationary podium for the coffin with a compartment for the placement of burial equipment made of stainless steel and corrugated aluminum. Curtains. Handle at the side door. Handle at the rear door. Side and rear door step. Places for fastening a wreath. Place with straps for attaching the coffin cover. Exhaust ventilation (HFC). Bactericidal lamp. Socket 12 V.

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