Ambulance car UNIMED-3562

Sector: Special Transportation
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: EXW, DAP
Full Product Information:
Specifications: Overall dimensions of the car mm .: 4470х1750х1670. Wheelbase, mm - 2905. Cargo space, l - 560. The equipped weight, kg - 1316. The maximum speed, km - 165. Fuel consumption per 100 km, l - 11,5 - urban - 7,5; - mixed - 9,3. Tires 185/65 / R15. The diameter of the turn according to the dimensions, m - 11.25. Fuel tank capacity, l - 50. ABS system, front wheel brakes. -disk, rear - drum. Engine four-stroke, gasoline volume: 1598 cm3, Maximal power, kW (hp) - 77 (102). Applied fuel: AI-95, front-wheel drive, Wheel arrangement 4х2. Transmissiya- manual gearbox: manual, 5-speed. Hydraulic power steering, System ABS, EBD, brake mechanisms of forward wheels-disk, back - drum. Fog lights, immobilizer, rear door locking, Airbags-driver / front passenger. Central locking, power windows, heated seats, electric mirrors, audio system. Air conditioning All-metal body (wagon) with circular glazing. Body color - white. Two rows of passenger seats. The first row - single seats for the driver and passenger. The second row - double passenger seat folding, single seat. List of vehicle equipment Stretcher longitudinally - crosswise folding front wheel support. Straps for fixing the patient. Device for stretchers with fastening and locking rear lock. Additional equipment according to the order.

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