Ambulance car UNIMED-3801

Sector: Special Transportation
Price: Contract Price
Terms of Delivery: EXW, DAP
Full Product Information:
Specifications: Length of body is average; Wheelbase (mm) 3550; Loading length (mm) 3265; Loading area (m2) 5,2; Useful volume (m3) 10,4; Full of norms. Weight (kg) 3500; Full of norms. Masses; With a trailer (kg) 6300; Curb Weight (kg) 2065; Carrying capacity (kg) 1435; Weight of towed cargo (kg), with brakes / without 2800/750; Diameter of rotation Ø (m) 12,8; Engine OM 646 DE22LA, diesel; Number of cylinders 4; Arrangement in a row; Working volume (cm3) 2148; Rated power (kw / hp) 80/109; Number of revolutions (rpm) 3800; Rated torque (Nm) 280; Number of revolutions (rpm) 1600-2400; diesel fuel; The volume of the fuel tank (l) is about 75. Fuel system: direct injection of "common rail" with a turbocharger, cooling of charge air and electromagnetic injectors. Drive 4 x 2 (rear-wheel drive).

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