GaAs wafers

Sector: Chemical Raw Materials
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 piece
Terms of Delivery: According to the terms of INCOTERMS 2010.
Full Product Information:
MRIOR manufactures GaAs wafers on its own production site. GaAs wafers are made according to “epi-ready” technology using technologies and chemical compositions of Fujimi corporation (Japan). Application field: the manufacture of integrated microwave circuits, LEDs, IR emitters, including semiconductor lasers, satellite solar panels, etc. Specifications: Method of growing ..Czochralski (LEC); Diameter, mm ..50,8+/-0,3 and 76,2+/-0,3; Resistivity, Ohm*cm .. > 1*107; Mobility, cm2/VS .. ≥ 4500; The dislocation density, cm-2.. ≤ 1*105; Material type ..semi-insulating Alloying impurity..unalloyed; Crystallographic orientation .. on request; The thickness ..order; Orientation of slices ..order; Processing of the front side ...polished, epitaxy prepared; Processing the back side...ordered; TTV, mcm ..< 7; Bow, mcm selections .. < 10; Packaging ..individual container in an inert atmosphere. The time and cost of production are determined in the process of preparing a specific order. If necessary, MRIOR OJSC can spend the recycling of scrapped wafers.

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