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2 - 4 GHz Safety Device Module

Sector: Security & Protection
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 piece
Terms of Delivery: INCOTERMS 2010
Full Product Information:
The Device is intended for protecting input receivers from overloading APPLICATION ● Radiolocation ● Radiomonitoring ● Radio countermeasures facilities ● Radio-measuring devices FEATURES ● Integrated-circuit form ● Multiple-stripe design ● Wide frequency band SPECIFICATION Parameter Description Norm Bandwidth, GHz, at least ... 2,5-12 Transmission loss, dB, not exceeding … 0,8 Maximum continuous input power, W... 1 Maximum pulse power, W … 2,5 Maximum continuous leakage power, W , not exceeding …0,03 Input/output voltage standing-wave ratio, not exceeding … 2,0 Weight, g, not exceeding … 10 DESCRIPTION The safety device is manufactured on the basis of pin-diodes. The safety device is delivered in the form of a module.

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