Frequency converter module 6-18 GHz

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APPLICATION Receiving and transmitting frequency converters, units of instantly and accurately determine the frequency and direction finding radio SPECIFICATION Parameter Norm Frequency range of the input microwave signal at the input LO, GHz, min ... 6-18 Bandwidth via the intermediate frequency, GHz, min ... 8 Conversion loss, dB, max... 11 Isolation between the signal and local oscillator channels, dB, min… 20 Isolation between the channels of the heterodyne and intermediate frequency, dB, min. 20 Input power, corresponding to change of conversion loss at 1 dB, mW, min … 10 Input VSWR of the microwave signal, max.… 3 Input VSWR LO, max …2,5 Input VSWR of the intermediate frequency, max … 5 Maximum input power, mW .... 100 FEATURES The integral version of microstrip transformer provides inclusion in the microwave path with­out additional element.

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