Garden bench transformer SST-01

Sector: Outdoor Furniture
Price: 69.54 EUR
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Corrugated cardboard, stretch-tape
Terms of Delivery: Self-delivery, delivery by our transport, delivery by transport companies.
Full Product Information:
Dimensions: 1400 * 750 * 1000. Garden bench convertible easily transformed into a table with two benches suitable for up to 6 people. Convertible bench convertible combines the compactness and versatility. This is the perfect furniture for small gazebos, suburban area or a separate house. As the base of bench metal frame made of shaped tube 20x20 mm coated with epoxy polyether powder coated hot curing. All holes are plugged. Seat and table top are made from solid pine. To protect the wood from moisture sealant is applied on the basis of natural wax, which makes the surface impact-resistent and emphasizes the beauty of natural wood. Dimensions in the spread-out look: 1400х1360х760. Elements have the following size: Table: 1400х560х760, Bench right: 1100х250х460, Bench left: 1400х250х460.

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