Round baler PR-F-145SH

Sector: Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Price: Contract Price
Full Product Information:
The baler PR-F-145SH is a modernized version of the basic product of the PR-F-145. Press-picker PR-F-145SH is designed for selection of hay rolls, grass under grass, straw and pressing them into rolls, followed by tying with twine. The baler is aggregated with tractors with a capacity of 60-80 hp. The baler is a semi-trailer machine and consists of a pressing chamber of constant volume, a drawbar with a coupling loop, the base of a double-wheeled chamber, the picking mechanism, mechanical and hydraulic actuators of working bodies, pressing mechanism and electrical equipment. On request, the baler is equipped with an automatic control system for the working process of the unit. Innovative design features of this modification of the baler are: - The width of the picking mechanism is increased up to 195cm (in the base model - 145cm); - reduced the distance between picking up to 54mm instead of 88mm in the base model with a simultaneous increase in the number of teeth; The diameter of the picking mechanism is reduced to 344mm (for the base model, 454mm); - a fork-type mass feeder is installed behind the pick-up mechanism; - PR-F-145P pressing machine is used, which ensures the formation of a more dense roll. These changes in the design of the baler have significantly improved the quality of the machine and ensure almost 100% cleanliness of the selection of grasses and straw, regardless of the skills of the tractor driver and the shape of the swath and, accordingly, to increase the productivity of the baler.

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