Bench corner SU-01A

Sector: Home Furniture
Price: 186.4 EUR
Packaging: corrugated cardboard, stretch-tape
Terms of Delivery: Self-delivery, delivery by our transport, delivery by transport companies
Full Product Information:
Dimensions: 1500х1250х910 Wide range of colors and modern design make the bench widely used in a kitchen corner sofa, and a seating area to relax. Bench corner is intended for recreational areas and a dining group in residential and public areas. As a corner of the sofa base used box made of bars sawn softwood technical drying of wood and plywood. The box contains a large volume of the sofa for storage of various items. By means of a lifting mechanism attached long seat sofa. The seat on the short part is attached with hinges. The elastic base of the sofa performed using snake spring. As flooring soft materials used batting, foam padding polyester and different densities. Upholstery material: artificial leather. The combination of different colors allows you to choose kozhzama kitchen any decor. Color: as agreed with the customer. Unlike the original bench SU-01 in this embodiment in order to conserve the back rest fabric covered spanbond that imposes some restrictions on the installation possibilities of the bench. The seat and back have a decorative and pikovku delay. Bench corner mounted on chrome metal legs. Supplied disassembled into two parts form. Bolting pieces of the sofa provide easy assembly and installation.

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