Auxiliary industrial electrodes ЭВП-08,ЭХСВ-1

Sector: Measurement & Analysis Instruments
Price: 16.8 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: Доставка почтой, транспортной компанией, курьером или самовывоз.
Full Product Information:
Electrode ЭВП-08 is designed to create a reference potential when working with the measuring electrodes in potentiometric measurements. Electrode ЭХСВ-1 is designed for use as potential-forming half-element of silver-chloride saturated external flow electrode in ac-cordance with GOST 16286. Electrode ЭВП-08 is used for installation in СЦ-2, СХ-2, devices type ДПг-4М, ДМ-5М without pressure, electrode ЭХСВ-1 - for installation in СЦ-2, СХ-2, devices type ДПг-4М, ДМ-5М with pressure.

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