Auxiliary laboratory electrodes ЭВЛ-1М3.1, ЭВЛ-1М4

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Electrodes ЭВЛ-1М3.1, ЭВЛ-1М4 are used to create the ref-erence potential when working with the measurement electrodes during potentiometric measurements. Electrode ЭВЛ-1М3.1 is designed to connect to the devices И-160, И-160МП, рН-150М, рН-150МП, pХ-150МП, рNO3-07, рН-340, рН-121, рН-262, ЭВ-74, И-130. Electrode ЭВЛ-1М4 is designed to connect to the devices И-102, pH-125, pH-150, pH-150М, pH-150МП, ПУ-1. If the effluent from the electrodes KCl solution disturbs (e.g., to measure the Cl -ion), our plant produces: special electrolytic key 1E5.184.412 for electrode ЭВЛ-1М3.1 and electrolytic cell 1E5.184.307 for electrode ЭВЛ-1М4. The design of the key (cell) practically eliminates the ingress of potassium chloride, outflowing from the electrodes ЭВЛ-1М3.1, ЭВЛ-1М4, in test solutions. These keys (cells) is very easy to clean out the solution poured into them and can be used for many auxiliary electrodes. When these measuring the meas-uring electrode is placed directly in a beaker with analyzed solu-tion, and auxiliary electrode – through electrolytic switch (cell). Type of solution, poured at that in the electrolytic switch (cell), is specified by guidelines in operational documentations on measuring electrodes or by researcher.

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