Redoxmetrical indastrial and laboratory electrode ЭO-01

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Electrode ЭО-01 is designed to measure the oxidizing potentials of liquid media. Electrode is manufactured using a special electrode glass, possessing electronic conductivity. Electrode allows making measurements in solutions with low-grade oxidation-reduction properties (in solution with relatively low buffer capacity). In contrast to electrodes made of noble metals ЭО-01 is not intoxicated by catalytic poisons (Н2S, As, CN– etc.), does not catalyze the coupling of oxygen О2 and Н2 with tested redox systems, and whereupon the measurements of oxidizing potential in aerated sys-tems are possible. Temperature of analyzed environment From 0 to 60 ºС by direct measurements, from 0 to 90 ºС by potentiometric titration Pressure of analyzed environment Atm. Electrical resistance at 20 ºС From 30 to 5000 kOhm

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