Redoxmetrical indastrial and laboratory electrode ЭТП-02

Sector: Measuring Equipment
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Full Product Information:
Electrode ЭТП-02 is designed for measuring the oxidizing po-tentials in thermodynamic unstable system (for example, during pulp bleaching by hydrogen dioxide). Electrode has high sensibility and small polarizability due to the fact that indicating part is made of fine platinum. That allows in some instances make measurements in low buffer solutions of redox systems. The high sensibility of electrode due to the activity of fine platinum to oxygen gas and hydrogen, as well as to poisons (sulfur, arcenic, mercury compounds) limit its use in diluted solutions and solutions, containing oxygen gas and hydrogen, catalytic poisons. Electrode is designed to connect to the formerly produced by plant devices such as рН-340, рН-121, рН-262, ЭВ-74, И-130. To connect to devices such as И-160 and others the adapter 5М6.607.010 with plug connector 5М5.282.004 (produced by plant) can be used. Temperature of analyzed environment From 0 to 100 ºС. Pressure of analyzed environment Atm. Electrical resistance at20 ºС Not exceeding 1 kOm

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