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Redoxmetrical indastrial and laboratory electrodes ЭПВ-1, ЭПВ-1СР and laboratory electrodes ЭПЛ-02

Sector: Measurement & Analysis Instruments
Price: from 21 to 25.2 USD
Minimum Order: 1
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Full Product Information:
Electrodes ЭПВ-1, ЭПВ-1СР – industrial and laboratory of general purpose, ЭПЛ-02 – small-size laboratory electrode. Are designed to measure oxidation-reduction potential. In reversible oxidation-reduction systems they help to determine concentra-tion of components up to 10-5н. Electrodes are limited according to oxidizing potential scale, in particular in the range of environments with low oxidizing po-tentials due to invertible system (Н2/Н+) on platinum. In compari-son with electrode ЭТП-02 they have smaller sensibility to admix-tures and bigger life span, in particular at high temperatures and in environments that are contained solid particles. ЭПВ-1СР is designed to connect to, produced by plant, devices such as И-160, И-160МП, рН-150М, рН-150МП, рХ-150МП, ЭПВ-1 – to connect to the armature such as ДПг-4М, ДМ-5М and to formerly produced by plant devices of type рН-340, рН-121, рН-262, ЭВ-74, И-130, ЭПЛ-02 – to И-102, рН-125, рН-150, рН-150М. To connect electrode ЭПВ-1 to the devices such as И-160 etc. the adapter 5М6.607.010 with plug connector 5М5.282.004 (pro-duced by plant) can be used.

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