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Ion-selective membrane electrodes ЭМ-NO3-07, ЭМ-NO3-07СР

Sector: Measuring Equipment
Price: from 43.1 to 47.3 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: Delivery by mail, transport company, courier or pickup.
Full Product Information:
Electrodes ЭМ-NO3-07, ЭМ-NO3-07СР are designed to measure the activity NO3– nitrate ions. Electrodes ЭМ-NO3-07, ЭМ-NO3-07СР are designed for soil, plant products, food industry analysis, can be used in laboratory routine in different branches of industry, biology, medicine, environment protection. Electrode ЭМ-NO3-07СР can be used to operate with devices И-160, И-160МП, рХ-150МП, рNO3-07, electrode ЭМ-NО3-07 - with devices ЭВ-74, И-130. To connect ЭМ-NO3-07 to the devices И-160 etc. the adapter 5М6.607.010 with plug connector 5М5.282.004 (produced by plant) can be used. Measurement range at 25 ºС From 0,35 to 4,7 рNO3. Temperature of analyzed environment From 5 to 50 ºС. Pressure of analyzed environment Atm. Electrical resistance at20 ºС From 50 to 1000 kOhm.

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