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Ion-selective membrane electrodes ЭM-I-01, ЭM-I-01СР, ЭM-CN-01, ЭM-CN-01СР

Sector: Measuring Equipment
Price: from 25.2 to 34.7 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: Delivery by mail, transport company, courier or pickup.
Full Product Information:
Electrodes ЭМ-I-01, ЭМ-I-01СР ЭМ-CN-01, ЭМ-CN-01СР are similar by their construction: they have the same sensing mem-branes, inner filling and internal lead-current half-element. Any of these electrodes in the presence of ions I– in solution acts as iodide, in the presence of CN–ions – as cyanide. If there are both ions (I– and CN–)in solution each of these electrodes measures their total active concentration. Electrodes are intended for usage in laboratory routine and industrial environment. They can be applied in chemical and gold-mining industry, when analyzing and purification of wastewater of galvanizing rooms. Electrodes ЭМ-I-01СР and ЭМ-CN-01СР are designed to connect to produced by plant, devices of type I И-160, И-160МП, рХ-150МП, electrodes ЭМ-I-01, ЭМ-CN-01 – to device СЦ-2, armature of type ДПг-4М, ДМ-5М etc. and formerly produced devices ЭВ-74, И-130. To connect electrodes ЭМ-I-01, ЭМ-CN-01 to devices И-160 and others the adaptor 5М6.607.010 with plug connec-tor 5М5.282.004 (produced by plant) can be used. Measurement range at 25 ºС From 1 to 5 рI From 1 to 5 рCN. Temperature of analyzed environment From 5 to 50 ºС. Pressure of analyzed environment Atm. Electrical resistance at 2 ºС From 0,03 to 1,5 МОhм.

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