Engineering Console

Sector: Roadway Safety
Price: 699 BYN
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Plastic package
Terms of Delivery: EXW, Minsk
Full Product Information:
Functions: Status monitoring of traffic lights controllers; Reading of numbers of power circuits with burnt-out lamps; Reading of controllers’ failure logs; Uploading of controller customizing tables and software on the site; Controller time check and synchronization to the time of the engineering console; Reading of controllers’ run logs; Voltage and current checking of lamps both when traffic lights are in operation and in test mode by switching on any combination of power circuits; Testing for diagnostics of controller units; Manual phase activation; Browsing and storing of up to 10 logs of different traffic signal installations (the logs can be written to a PC for further analysis and documenting). Advantages: The device is fully compatible with the BDKL-M and BDKL-M1 traffic lights controllers.

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