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Transport Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics System Under Severe Operation Conditions

Sector: Navigation Systems
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Purpose: Automation of operation procedures, diagnosis, display, collection and registration of the operation information on the state of nodes and aggregates of “BELAZ” mine trucks applying the positioning technologies based on GPS/GLONASS impulses and wireless communication channels. Structure: – WS of the reporting data formation and display; – WS of data exchange with the DB server; – WS of data reception and processing from a removable nonvolatile memory media; – DB server; – Ethernet LAN; – On-board monitoring modules. Functionalities: Determining the truck’s location and speed under GPS/GLONASS impulses with the RMSE not exceeding 10 m on co-ordinates and 15m on altitude; Data acquisition from the onboard systems from the information CAN-bus via the onboard computer (Exchange protocol – J1939); Data accumulation and storage on the location and telemetry information in the nonvolatile memory removable media; Data transmission to the OJSC “BELAZ” center and receiving commands on a GSM/GPRS wireless communication channel; Monitoring of the external battery charge (to ensure the workability when the truck onboard network is shut down).

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