Glass indastrial electrode ЭСП-12-14

Sector: Measuring Equipment
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Full Product Information:
ЭСП-12-14– industrial electrodes with sealed construction with high stability of parameters. Designed for use in acid mediums with рН value from -0,5 to 12 рН at 25 ºС. Electrode allows taking рН measurement in solutions containing sulfuric acid to 3 mol/kg Н2О. Available with two coordinates of isopotential point. Output to connect to the armature (the device) may be made from the wire or shielded cable. Electrode cap is flush with glass case for capability of installation in armature (immersible or main). Limit values of linear range of hydrogen characteristic From -0,5 to 12 рН at 25 ºС, from 0 to 9 рН at 80 ºС. Temperature of analyzed environment From 5 to 80 ºС.

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