School desk SK-300L

Sector: Furniture for Educational Institutions
Price: 55.31 EUR
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Corrugated cardboard, stretch-tape
Terms of Delivery: Self-delivery, delivery by our transport, delivery by transport companies.
Full Product Information:
Overall dimensions of a table: 1250х530 mm. The set consists of a table and two students of chairs adapted at height of folding design on metal structure. The metal structure of the student of a table consists of two side walls, what main surfaces have helps from polymeric materials. Each side wall is created by two racks connected by support below and the crosspiece above it provides resistance to capsizing. The group with a tray for pencils and handles is executed from MDF plate by repeatedly studied movie of PVC. The covering, a vertical wall and drifts are executed from a layered plate 16 mm thick. A covering with edges of PVC of 2 mm, with the rounded - from corners, rise and the inclined plane, the plane of tendency 7-15 °. Take-off and falling of a covering, a tilt angle with fixing in any situation it is adjusted. Chairs with adjustable height, on metalframework. The back and a seat of a chair – gnutokleeny plywood, has a varnish a transparent covering. In total metalframeworks are covered with epoksipoliefirny powder paint which possesses the high resistance to influence of variable temperatures, covering duration at blow, light gray color. Metalframeworks are executed from a profile section pipe by the sizes of 25х25 mm and 20х20 (in regulation places). Change of height of a table and chairs happens because of the movement of the connecting profile of feet and their fixing by means of opening by means of bolts. Height of regulation of a table and chairs No. 3-6 of groups of growth.

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