School desk student's (monoblock) 2-seater with chairs

Sector: Furniture for Educational Institutions
Price: 60.62 EUR
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Corrugated cardboard, stretch-tape
Terms of Delivery: Self-delivery, delivery by our transport, delivery by transport companies.
Full Product Information:
The sizes of a table-top 1200 x 430 mm, regiments for mm handles 1200 x 160. Adjustable growth groups 2,3,4. Height of chairs is regulated independently, chairs move with a step, height of a table is regulated, a tilt angle of a cover of 0-16 degrees. Method of a fixing pipe in adjustable furniture: telescopic connection of a pipe. All end faces of a metalframework are completed with plastic caps. The cover and vertical wall of a table is executed from DSP-L 16 mm thick. The shelf under handles and side slips – MDF of the PVC revetted with a thermoplastic film. The framework of a table and chairs is executed from a pipe of square section by section 20х20, 25х25 of the mm covered with resistant powder paint. Sitting of a chair and back are made plywood 10 mm thick. Also the table is equipped with two hooks.

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