Mattress Ideal

Sector: Orthopedic mattresses
Price: 108 EUR
Packaging: large-size polyethylene sack
Terms of Delivery: FCA, Brest, Belarus
Full Product Information:
Top-selling model provides maximum possible orthopedic effect as well as healthcare impact on the whole organism. • 7 zones load distribution enables support for every body part of sleeping person. • Pocket spring unit with high point elasticity figure (height - 14 cm, density - 550 springs per m2). • Attractive appearance as a result of magnificent quilting and embossed side plate with airing 3D-mesh and decorative tape. • Cover: Knitted fabric Stressfree with antistatic effect. • Quilting: 400 g/m2. • Easy care as a result of removable cover Sleep&Clean and Technology Tricover. Technology Tricover simplifies the cover removal process. The all-round zipper divides the cover into two parts for easy domestic washing (at 60 °С); Automatic drying is possible.

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