Workbench universal VKM-03U

Sector: Furniture for Educational Institutions
Price: 92.83 EUR
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Corrugated cardboard
Terms of Delivery: Self-delivery, delivery by our transport, delivery by transport companies.
Full Product Information:
Overall dimensions: 1200х600х850. The table is intended for formation of skills of manual processing of various materials. Table production a collapsible design, on a metal framework, with height of raising of a table-top regulated by a clamp. Table with a squared lifting table-top with a sliding emphasis and two clips, on a metal framework with a plate under the socket on the right sidewall подверстачья. The working surface of a cover of a table is revetted with plywood and has a protective and decorative covering – a nitrovarnish. Lower layer of covers is revetted with plywood or fiber board. The table is completed removable with a metal plate 180*120*6mm, the anvil playing a role and the removable filter from plexiglas. Tables are completed with a stool which height is regulated from 420 to 530 mm by means of a clamp, a seat form the square. The stool basis the metal consists of a rack and four basic pads. The metal framework of a table has protective декаративное a powder polymeric covering epoksipoliefirny powder composition which possesses high resistance to influence of variable temperatures, high shock durability.

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