Monoblock controller Simbi-10

Sector: Control & Measuring Instruments
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Simbi-10 is an universal monoblock programmable measuring controller of combined signals. Advantages 1) Simbi-10 can be used as a part of PLC Simbol-100 (or others PLC) as a plug-in for measurement and generation of analog and discrete signals, PID regulation implementation and as well as an independent controller or master module. 2) The wide range of communication capabilities determines its implementation in distributed control system that is formed by the network of a primary controller and controllers Simbi-10 where each of them controls its own functional unit. Such system construction in the most rate corresponds to the operational and technological structure of the object and has minimal connections between its structure components. Controller as an autonomous tool of small automatization may be used for control of actuation devices with feedback and without it. It also can be used for small machines and tools control, for climate and lighting equipment control, for pressure control and pressure maintain at the pump stations, for automation of energy machine tools, for laboratory equipment control and so on.

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