The Hardware-Software Complex Region

Sector: Automated Management Systems of Technological Processes
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The Hardware-Software Complexes Region (further Complexes) are intended for automated control of different technological processes depending on their type and difficulty, so can function as a standalone device, and as part of automated multi-level control systems at the industrial and energy enterprises and others. Applications: dispatcher control; technological process control and management; energy metering; data collection, processing and transmission (including wireless connection); oil products weight control; polluting emissions records and so on. The Complexes have computer, microprocessor units and software combination that is sufficient for one or more tasks implementation. Complex modifications are determined by the field of application: - "Region"- energo – Complexes for information collection and processing, technical process, device control and managing in the field of energy supply; - "Region"-prom - Complexes that perform functions of record and data processing, technical process control and device control in the various fields of industry. The Complexes are manufactured in cabinet execution or as a set, which contains main program modules and technical tools without mounting in single housing. The Complexes can be exploited in industrial premises out of residential buildings and at the open area.

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