Converter USB/RS485

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Converter USB/RS485 (further converter) is intended for conversion of USB standard signals (Universal Serial Bus) to the signals of standard field bus RS-485 and back. Data exchange between personal computers and devices with interface RS-485 could be carried out using any exchange protocols in half-duplex communication mode. The converter can be used both for individual configuration of the device from a PC, and for organizing a local information network between the master device (PC) and several slave devices that support this interface standard. The converter is a finished product, the electronic part of which is placed in an impact-resistant transparent plastic case. On one side of the case is a USB-A plug for connecting to a PC. On the other hand, there is a terminal connector with two female screw mounts for connecting a two-wire interface bus. There are two LEDs on the printed circuit board that indicate data transfer (red - transfer request from PC, green - transfer response from the device).

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