Digital Recorder PR

Sector: Control & Measuring Instruments
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A new range of Paperless Recorders of PR Series has the latest modern profiles and is represented by three modifications: economical PR10– perfect for small solutions of automation control, base model PR20 – is the worthy continuer of the popular Series VR18 and Premium Class Recorder PR30. Data recording is one of the most relevant and important issues in the field of instrumentation. Despite new trends in the direction of archiving technological information, such as the use of personal computers and distributed microcontroller systems, we believe that the era of case recorders is not yet complete. Still, the versatility and ease of use of these “black boxes” under certain production conditions will give odds to these new-fangled methods, and the capabilities of modern registrars are no longer limited exclusively to archiving functions. The new line of paperless recorders of the PR series has the most modern characteristics and is presented by three modifications: economical, ideal for solving small automation tasks PR10, the basic model PR20, which is a worthy successor to the popular VR18 series and the premium registrar PR30. Compared with the previous generation, the new line is available with various display diagonals, the frequency of polling sensors has been increased, functions for working with external modules, batch processing of data and visualization of the process have been added, and more popular media such as USB and SD have been used to record data. The registrar is still a modular system that allows the consumer to choose such a configuration of the device that will provide a solution to its problems and, at the same time, will not contain any unnecessary options and capabilities that only increase the cost.

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