Ammonium sulfate GOST 9097-82

Sector: Nitrogen Fertilisers
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: Shipped in bulk (railway, cars, trucks)
Terms of Delivery: By road and rail means. FCA Grodno, Owls, DAP border of the Republic of Belarus, FOB Kleider, CPT in klaipėda, klaipėda and other Lithuanian railway stations.
Full Product Information:
Appearance: White or clear crystals. Nitrogen mass fraction as dry substance, %, not less than 21. Mass fraction of water, %, not more than 0.2. Free H2SO4 mass fraction, %, not more than 0.03. Mass fraction more than 0.5 mm, %, not less than 80. Mass fraction less than 6 mm, % 100. Flowability, %100. Mass fraction of residue non soluble in water, %, not more than 0,02. The formation of prices for products occurs in accordance with the prevailing situation (conjuncture) in the market, and also taking into account the world indications.

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