Methanol for technical use GOST 2222-95

Sector: Chemical Raw Materials
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: Special r/w tanks
Terms of Delivery: By rail. FCA Grodno, Owls, DAP border of the Republic of Belarus, FOB Kleider, CPT in klaipėda, klaipėda and other Lithuanian railway stations.
Full Product Information:
99 % of the product is distilled in the limits, ºС, not more than 0.8 Appearance Colourless clear liquid without insoluble impurities Test with potash permanganate, min, not less than 60 Mass fraction of aldehydes and ketons, %, not more than 0.003 Content of ammonia and amine compounds in terms of ammonia, %, not more than 0.00001 Mass fraction of water, %, not more than 0.05 Mass fraction of volatile Fe compounds, %, not more than 0.00001 Mass fraction of methanol, %, not less than 99.95 Mass fraction of non-volatile residue after evaporation, %, not more than 0.001 Mass fraction of free acids, %, not more than 0.0015 Mass fraction of sulfur, %, not more than 0.0001 Mass fraction of chlorine, %, not more than 0.0001 Mass fraction of ethyl spirits, %, not more than 0.01 Density at 20ºС, g/cm³ 0.791-0.792 Temperature limits, boiling limits, ºС 64.0-65.5 Miscibility with water : Miscible with water without traces of turbidity Electrical conductivity, cm/m, not more than 0.00003 Color on platinum-cobalt scale, Hazen units, not more than 5 Тhe formation of prices for products occurs in accordance with the prevailing situation (conjuncture) in the market, and also taking into account the world indications. Te

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