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Movement parameters recorder for elevator hoisting equipment B-590 PALTUS

Sector: Measuring Equipment
Price: 2000 USD
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Box
Full Product Information:
The device was designed for measurement of vibrational acceleration while hoisting equipment movement, as well as for calculation, registration and indication of motion parameters. Equipment movements are passengers and freight elevators, lifts, building cranes, etc. «PALTUS» is a battery-powered portable device with an indicator, keyboard and magnetic holders. Static and dynamic acceleration sensor measures the acceleration of the investigated hoisting mechanisms via three perpendicular axes. While measuring, the average or the mean-square value of acceleration of one of the measuring axes may be indicated on the display. After completion of the data registration the primary calculation is being made and maximum and minimum peak values of acceleration and maximum value of linear velocity are displayed. The initial processing of measured data and imaging of the results on the built-in display ensures quick evaluation of technical condition of the hoisting mechanism. A more detailed analysis of the recorded data is available on a computer which can be connected with the device via USB interface. Specialized software allows further mathematical processing of measurement results, detailed display of time dependence of the recorded parameters on the computer screen and measurement of their numerical values.

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